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Learn Maths, English and Music...
Education for upcoming artists and music buffs

Learn to understand numbers and what it means to calculate. Feel the language and music with the help of a personal teacher - all also online!! Many pupils are learning on this platform. And here is how it works:

Music & Mathematic:
For the most of us music sounds good. On the other hand mathematic often is the most difficult thing. But is it possible to learn and understand other subjects with music? Schoolcone.com helps upcoming musicians and buffs to connect the stuff, not only for school, even for studies. Please do not hesitate, it's easy! You will receive all explanations before you start to train and step by step you can understand the stuff by itself. The goal of schoolcone.com is, that you don't need another person in the future who show you what you have to do. The project will help you to reflect your abilities by teaching you required knowledge with joy and fun. So you can become an artist or even study music.

Learning with joy and fun - clever to know it.